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The Workout Philosophy

We have systematically designed the Apollo 28-Day Challenge workouts to get you incredibly strong and lean while requiring just three total body workouts per week.  These twelve workouts over the course of the next 28 days will yield extraordinary results and forever redefine your approach in the gym.  An industry myth exists that you can’t gain muscle and improve strength while simultaneously shredding body-fat.  Our Apollo Challengers have consistently proven that this just isn’t true.  We have repeatedly seen Challengers shed 20+ pounds of fat and build 5+ pounds of muscle in just 28 days.  

Time is everything to you.  We understand that every minute in your day matters.  Rest assured we’ve made every second in these workouts count.  Each exercise, set, and repetition was intentionally selected to achieve a storm of specific muscular and hormonal responses.  Expect to perform exactly what’s outlined in the workouts to achieve optimal results.  No less and no more.

The exercises selected are demanding yet they don’t require any more than your basic strength equipment.

Adjustable Utility Bench
Complete Set of Dumbbells (5lbs-100lbs+ Ideally)
Adjustable Cable Column with Rope and Single Handle

The Apollo Challenge workouts utilize very specific exercise physiology principles to achieve maximum results. We elaborate on the specific intentions of each method and workout days in the the posts below.  Don’t feel restricted if you don’t understand some of the terminology.  However, it is critical for you to understand the importance and execution of the tempo and technique outlined for each workout.

Undulating Rep Scheme

This is the foundation of the Apollo Challenge Workouts as it will propel you to continued gains.

Learn more about the Undulating Rep Scheme here.


Learning to emphasize your training “tempo” for every exercise will improve your awareness and exhaust your muscles and ensure you achieve maximum results.  You’ll notice tempos listed by each exercise in the Apollo Challenge workouts.  It’s intended for you to be mindful of every repetition during your workout to maximize your results.

Learn more about Tempo here. 

Pump Method : Day 1

Day 1 is a 12 repetition day using a 1-0-1-0 tempo. It is designed so you fatigue your muscle at the conclusion of each individual set. It’s often described as going for the “pump”.

Learn more about Day 1 here.

Go for the Burn : Day 2

Day 2 is an 8 repetition day using a 4-0-1-0 tempo.   It is designed for you to induce muscle micro-trauma which will encourage muscle tissue growth.

Learn more about Day 2 here.

Time to Go Heavy : Day 3

Day 3 is a 5 repetition day using a 1-0-x-o tempo.  The “x” represents explosive.  You will create as much power as possible during your lifts to see significant strength gains.

Learn more about Day 3 here.

Weight Selection

Selecting the appropriate resistance is essential for continued strength gains.

Learn more about Weight Selection here. 

Workout Flow

The workouts are designed in a total body format.  An upper body exercise is paired with a lower body exercise to provide adequate rest for the working muscles yet still keep you active to optimize cardiovascular benefits during training.  No sitting around waiting for the next set.


Exercise Videos

We have provided comprehensive instructional videos for each exercise outlined in the Apollo Challenge Book.  You can find the directory of workout videos here or on our YouTube Channel (make sure you subscribe to stay updated on new videos and make it easy to pull up the videos when you are at the gym).


Special note on technique:

Your emphasis on technique is the separating factor between getting results and getting wrecked.   In other words, I want you to make the quality of your technique paramount .  I can’t overstate the importance of mastering the technique of each exercise.  Your either controlling the weight or the weight is controlling you.  Executing each rep with absolute control in regards to tempo (speed) and the path of each exercise will vault your strength and size to new levels.  This control should remain the same from the first rep to the last rep.  Total focus is requisite to this objective.  If you fail to maintain technique, you will shift the exercise intention from training specific muscle fibers or muscle groups to stressing supporting soft-tissue structures or muscles and is a recipe for chronic pain or injury.


Schoenfeld, Brad “The Mechanisms of Muscle Hypertrophy and their Application to Resistance Training.”  Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research Volume 24, Number 10, October 2010


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