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Why Sleep Is Important & How To Maximize It

In a world of performance optimizers and enhancers, sleep only takes a backseat to oxygen and water. It is absolutely essential. You have to have it and just like oxygen and water, the quality and volume are vital to your overall well-being. Get consistent and better sleep and rest assured the quality of your life will significantly improve. The Apollo Challenge demands you make changes in the domains of nutrition, exercise, and sleep. Each of these will undoubtedly impact the other so take it to upon yourself to prioritize your sleep.


Quality sleep promotes repair of muscle tissue via growth hormone production. Your workouts during the Apollo Challenge are intended to specifically stress your muscles for specific adaptations to occur. These adaptations directly benefit from growth hormone developed during the deep stages of your sleep, often early during the slow wave cycles. This the same hormone people pay loads of cash to have injected for significant results.  It can be achieved through better sleep.


Sleep improves the body’s ability to store glucose. This why people tend to overeat when they are tired. A poor night’s sleep decreases leptin levels and increases ghrelin levels. Leptin is produced by fat cells. Low leptin levels will increase your appetite by signaling the brain that your energy stores are running low. Ghrelin is an appetite-stimulating hormone produced in the stomach. Increases in ghrelin occurring from insufficient sleep may trigger overeating.  An example may include the overeating that occurs the day of a hangover.  The alcohol one consumes diminishes the quality of their sleep causing an unfavorable domino effect of poor eating choices.

Commit to taking Control 

Set a time window for sleep.  Plan for it just like everything else.  We either plan our day or it ends up getting planned by someone else.  Your window is unique as individual sleep needs vary.  However, research shows 7-9 hours to be the ideal range for an adult.  Commit to 28 days of placing a premium on your sleep.

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