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What To Eat For Lunch

If you have read our Intermittent Fasting article, you know that Lunch is actually your first meal of the day during the Apollo Challenge.  Starting your day with Smart Coffee and BCAA as your “UnBreakfast” and waiting 16 hours from your last meal before thinking about Lunch.   Lunch is a very important part of your daily nutritional strategy and will set the stage for your energy levels the following day.

Lunch should typically be an Apollo Power Salad, but you can also choose any meat and vegetables from the #ApolloApproved list of foods to make a delicious meal.   This is also a great time to have some warm bone broth to make sure you are getting enough sodium and potassium while you are rapidly losing weight.  This will also mitigate the effects of “carb withdrawals” you may feel in the first couple days on a low-carb diet.


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