Why can’t I have alcohol on the Apollo Challenge if it’s sugar-free or zero carbs?


Great question.  Alcohol interferes with the momentum we’re trying to create by burdening your liver as well as your sleep.

Your liver produces IGF-1 (Insulin Growth Factor) and ketones.  Alcohol consumption will effectively limit the liver’s production of this incredibly favorable hormone and energy source.

  • IGF-1 plays a significant role in workout recovery as it stimulates muscle growth.
  • Ketones are a preferred energy by the brain. They’re important for continued fat loss and heightened levels of cognitive function.

Alcohol consumed in the evening prior to sleep is likely to disrupt the amount of time in Delta (deep) sleep and REM (rapid-eye movement).  This will adversely affect your appetite the following day by increasing ghrelin (appetite hormone) and decreasing leptin levels which signal energy storage to the brain and consequently cause you to over-eat.  Alcohol-Free for 28 days for best results.