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  • MADE EXCLUSIVELY FROM ORGANIC COCONUTS : We derive our Ultra Premium MCT Oil from 100% Organic Coconuts. NO Palm Oil.
  • SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN BLEND: The C8:0 (Caprylic Acid) and C10:0 (Capric Acid) 60/40 MCT Blend found in Liquid IQ is the most studied and scientifically validated combination of MCT’s for weight loss and brain health.*
  • BOTTLED IN LAB QUALITY AMBER GLASS:  We bottle in BPA & Chemical-free glass to ensure the purest product possible is delivered all the way to your kitchen. Independently Tested – Solvent and Chemical Free
  • PERFECT ADDITION TO: Smart Coffee – Bulletproof Coffee – Smoothies – Protein Shakes – Ketogenic Diet – Salads – Paleo Diet – Apollo Challenge 28 Day System
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE : We stand by our product as the purest and best tasting MCT oil available.

Liquid IQ was born from our desire to provide the absolute highest quality products to our customers.  Our MCT Oil is sourced exclusively from organic coconuts and uses the latest technologies free from all chemicals and solvents to produce and ultra premium C8/C10 MCT blend.  Each batch is independently  tested for purity and bottled in laboratory grade amber glass bottles to prevent the leaching of harmful chemicals from traditional plastics.  We know that MCT Oil is a daily staple for many of our customers, friends and family members and we would not stop until we knew we could provide a product of unmatched quality.  We take pride in our process of sourcing the organic coconuts and processing them with chemical-free steam distillation and finally bottling the MCT Oil in a way that ensures safe long term storage and handling so every drop of Liquid IQ is the purest C8/C10 MCT Oil available.All of our packaging is 100% recyclable and eco-friendly.  We stand by our product with a 100% money back quality guarantee!


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