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Fat-Assisted Intermittent Fasting

What is Fat-Assisted Intermittent Fasting?

Fat-Assisted Intermittent Fasting is the nutritional protocol we use to leverage Smart Coffee and the Apollo Challenge Diet to achieve a state of nutritional ketosis.  Intermittent fasting is when we limit our food intake to a specific 8-hour window of the day and follow this with a 16-hour “fasting’ period.  In a Fat-Assisted Intermittent Fast, we will only consume specifically targeted fat calories during the fasting period to both deepen our state of nutritional ketosis and hold off any hunger pangs we might be conditioned to feel around breakfast.  Since the primary goal of our fasting window is to condition our bodies to rely on ketones (fats) for fuel rather than carbohydrates, consuming dietary fats does not interrupt our fasted state.

Why do we need fats?

MCT’s (in the form of MCT oil derived from coconuts) have been shown to elevate our bodies natural ketone production and further deepen our state of nutritional ketosis.  This puts in “fat burning mode” and fuels our body and our brain with highly efficient ketone bodies.  The butter from grass-fed cows provides another range of fats in the form of Omega-3’s and CLA, these both provide fuel in the form of dietary fats as well as help to suppress the feelings of hunger.  Both of these produce high-octane fuel for our brains that has significant cognitive benefits.


The Schedule:

You should plan you eating windows around a schedule that is most practical for you.  This 8-hour period is when you will consume all of your protein and carbohydrate calories for the day.   Typically this will start with lunch around noon and end with dinner before 8pm.  The 16 hour fasting period is made even easier by the fact that you will be asleep for half of it.  Plan to wake up and have your Smart Coffee (and BCAA’s) when you would normally have breakfast.  Getting a full nights sleep, a good workout, and two large meals loaded with healthy fats will all help to keep hunger at bay and make intermittent fasting a productive and enjoyable addition to your day.

The Benefits:


Intermittent fasting is all about conditioning your body to use ketones for fuel instead of glucose (carbohydrates).  The cognitive benefits of running on 100% ketones is remarkable and repeatable.  Improved sharpness, recall, memory, and elimination of brain haze are only a few of the desirable results.

Fat Loss:

Intermittent fasting is far more effective at preserving and building lean muscle than simple caloric restriction. Most traditional doctors and fitness advocates will tell you that its impossible to loose fat without also losing some muscle. This simply isn’t true. We have shown that the Apollo Challange’s combination of fat-assisted intermittent fasting, BCAA supplementation, low-carb + low-inflammatory diet and high-intensity strength training can simultaneously drop double digit pounds of fat while building multiple pounds of muscle in only 28 days.

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