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Triceps Rope Pressdown

The Triceps Rope Pressdown will help you increase strength and add mass to your triceps.  The intention is to completely isolate the movement to create direct stress on the muscle fibers of all three heads of the triceps.  Technique is the limiting factor in this exercise.  You must emphasize optimal technique to maximize benefits.

  1. Stand near the cable with feet in a slightly split stance.
  2. It’s important to set up an ideal posture with wide shoulders and a tall spine before initiating the movement.  That consistent posture is critical to maintain isolation of the triceps.
  3. Drive the rope handles down with tension on the triceps the entire time.  Visualize ripping the rope apart.
  4. Ensure you’re able to generate power through the bottom of exercise without leveraging other muscles.  Keep the intention on the triceps!
  5. Be mindful the entire set of firing the muscle fibers in your triceps by squeezing at the peak of the movement while keeping them full as you lower.