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Lying Dumbbell Triceps Press

The Lying Dumbbell Triceps. Press will help you increase strength and add mass to your triceps.  The intention is to completely isolate the movement to create direct stress on the muscle fibers of all three heads of the triceps.  Technique is the limiting factor in this exercise.  You must execute it with solid technique to maximize benefits.

  1. Sit up tall at the end of a flat bench with dumbbells resting on your thighs just above your knees.
  2. Lay back using your lower abdominals and legs to assist the weight in optimal position.  Practice this when performing with light weight so the right habit is established when it’s time to go heavy.
  3. Ensure elbows face upward while remaining in the ideal relationship with your trunk.
  4. Lower both dumbbells with total control in an optimal range of motion with tension on the triceps the entire time.
  5. Ensure you’re able to generate power from the bottom without leveraging other muscles.  Keep the intention on the triceps!
  6. Be mindful the entire set of firing the muscle fibers in your triceps by squeezing at the peak of the movement while keeping them full as you lower.