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Anti-Rotation Press

The Anti-Rotation Press is a core stabilization exercise.  The lateral resistance at full arm extension places tremendous demand on the internal and external obliques along with transverse abdominis.  This exercise requires appropriate load selection.  It must be challenging enough to effectively fire the intended muscle groups yet not so heavy that it erodes technique.  You’ll know it’s too heavy if you’re unable to maintain a straight line with the handle as it travels forward.

  1. Ensure the cable aligns horizontally with the top of your sternum while standing perpendicular from the cable column.
  2. Hold the handle at the top of your sternum with both feet shoulder width apart.
  3. Establish a position with your shoulders stacked over top your hips.
  4. Slowly press the handle forward in a straight line without any changes in your posture.
  5. Pause momentarily as your elbows near extension asserting total control of your core.
  6. Your position and posture should appear unaffected at the end of the movement.
  7. Return handle towards sternum with control before beginning the next repetition.