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The Glass Ceiling of Decision Fatigue

Every day we are faced with dozens, if not hundreds of decisions to make. What will we eat? What do we wear? What am I going to do tonight? Should I drink water or sparkling water? What route will I drive to work?  All of these decisions add up to A LOT of wasted brain power.  Science has shown that we have a limited capacity for decision making every day. The more decision we make, the more likely we are to become worn-down and make careless decisions.

Decision Fatigue is often referred to as our “will power” or our ability to make decisions from a place of logic over impulse or more basic desire.  Will power is often compared to a muscle, which over time will tire after a full days worth of “decision making”. By limiting our overall decision-making load we can ensure that the decisions we do make will be executed with our best judgement.

By putting our simple decisions on auto-pilot we free up our brain to be most effective on the decisions that really matter.   Making better decisions benefits us in every aspect of our lives.  The best time for you to make big decisions is early in the day and the best way to avoid decision fatigue is to automate as much of your decision making as possible!

What areas are most affected by decision fatigue:

  • Food Choices
  • Productivity
  • Sleep
  • Alcohol Consumption
  • Energy

Tips to eliminate decision fatigue:

  • Plan your meals in advance and prep as much food as possible ahead of time.
  • Simplify your wardrobe and lay out your clothes the night before (or a week in advance!)
  • Schedule your day in advance and stick to a calendar to avoid on-the-fly decisions.
  • Simplify and systemize your morning routine, good habits don’t require decisions.


If you want to learn more about the effects of decision fatigue and how to avoid them here are some additional resources:

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