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Day 3 : Time To Lift Heavy

The Apollo Challenge requires just three workouts per week with one day of recovery between each workout.  Workouts are labeled Day 1, Day 2 and Day 3 of each week.  An ideal training regimen would take place on Monday-Wednesday-Friday or Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday.  Each workout was intentionally designed using a scientific method proven to elicit a specific response.  Please execute the workouts as outlined to maximize your results!  Day 3 is the time to lift heavy.  It requires you to accurately select weights that best challenge you within the realm of acceptable technique.


Day 3 is a 5 repetition day using a 1-0-X-0 tempo.  The “X” represents explosive.  I want you to create as much power as possible during the concentric phase of the lift.  It is designed for you to generate more force production by maximizing motor unit recruitment. Motor unit recruitment is defined by the accumulation of myofibrils (the contractile element/part of the muscle).  Your ability to recruit your fast twitch muscle fibers will propel you to new strength gains.  Its success relies “heavily” on ideal weight selection.  The weight must be heavy enough to maximize motor recruitment of the intended muscle groups yet, not so heavy that your technique erodes.  This day is all about getting stronger.  I want you looking forward to setting new 5-rep personal records on Day 3 of each week.  

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