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Day 2 : Feel The Burn

The Apollo Challenge requires just three workouts per week with one day of recovery between each workout.  Workouts are labeled Day 1, Day 2 and Day 3 of each week.  An ideal training regimen would take place on Monday-Wednesday-Friday or Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday.  Each workout was intentionally designed using a scientific method proven to elicit a specific response.  Please execute the workouts as outlined to maximize your results!  Day 2 requires serious focus on the tempo of each exercise you perform to benefit from the “time under tension” theory as well enhanced neuromuscular control

Day 2 is an 8 repetition day using a 4-0-1-0 tempo.   It is designed for you to induce muscle micro-trauma as the lengthened tempo forces you to resist gravity for an uncomfortable period of time. This method of micro-trauma occurs in the form of small tears in the muscle tissue (sarcolemma, basal lamina) and supportive connective tissue.  This approach stimulates a positive inflammatory response to the tissues.  White blood cells travel to the damaged tissues where a barrage of growth factors are released.  This response induces muscle cell proliferation.  Muscle cell proliferation is better known as muscle growth.  This method relies heavily on your effort and control during the four second eccentric (lowering) phase of each exercise.

Maintaining focus on lowering the weight will be the most challenging aspect of Day 2.  Accept the fact that your muscle is going to “burn” and that you’re going to experience some short-term discomfort to achieve the results you desire.  Day 2 will challenge your ability to maintain focus during each repetition.

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