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Day 1 : Get Pumped Up


The Apollo Challenge requires just three workouts per week with one day of recovery between each workout.  Workouts are labeled Day 1, Day 2 and Day 3 of each week.  An ideal training regimen would take place on Monday-Wednesday-Friday or Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday.  Each workout was intentionally designed using a scientific method proven to elicit a specific response.  Please execute the workouts as outlined to maximize your results!  Day 1 is often thought as the most challenging because it is your high-rep day.  You will be performing the greatest amount of work volume of on these days!

Day 1 is a 12 repetition day while using a 1-0-1-0 tempo for each rep.  It is designed to fatigue the targeted muscles by the end of each individual set.  This is the effect most people will describe as feeling your muscles “pumped” up.  This approach induces cellular swelling with the intention of stimulating anabolic (growth) responses to muscle tissue by increasing protein synthesis (accumulation of protein) and decreasing proteolysis (breakdown of proteins).  The success of this method relies heavily on ideal weight selection, high effort and technical execution.  You should select a weight that exhausts your muscle by the time you reach your final repetition.


We consider Day 1 a high volume and high intensity workout.  It is the most challenging of the workouts due to sheer volume.  This challenge is best overcome with a determined mindset.  Bring your best effort and you will reap the rewards.

Make sure to crush it on Day 1 to maximize your muscle gains and set yourself up for success in your Day 2 and Day 3 workouts.  These work together in sequence to produce maximum results.

Day 1 is the hardest workout each week, you should feel a sense of accomplishment after successfully mastering your Day 1 workouts.  This will set you up for success both physically and mentally for the week knowing that you dominated this beast of a workout.  You should leave a successfully completed “Day 1” workout feeling that the hardest part of your week is behind you!

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